Aug 29, 2023

Cynthia Brittain Discusses What Clients Value Most in Estate Planning with Financial Planning Magazine

Cynthia Brittain was recently quoted in the Financial Planning article “Raymond James study: What rich clients need in estate planning,” which examines the most in-demand estate planning services as well as areas where advisors can help fill in any servicing gaps.

According to Cindy, one of the most prominent concerns among wealthy clients is succession planning for tax purposes and in relation to family dynamics. “One of the most common questions clients ask is when their children should be involved in a family business and/or finances,” she shares. She continues on to explain that she encourages clients to involve their children as soon as possible, noting that “The sooner you can help children become good stewards of their wealth, the lesser the likelihood of a bad tax outcome, or more importantly, costly and frustrating litigation down the line.”

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