Feb 6, 2023

Cynthia Brittain Quoted in LA Times On Priscilla Presley’s Case Against Lisa Marie Presley’s Estate

Cynthia Brittain recently spoke to the LA Times about Priscilla Presley’s dispute over control of her recently-passed daughter’s estate. Priscilla claims she was removed from the will without her knowing and that the signatures bearing her name on the related documents don’t match her signature.

“If everything is as they portrayed, the case law is pretty clear,” Cynthia said in response to Priscilla’s position. On the issue of whether Lisa Marie’s daughter, Riley Keough would serve as a co-trustee, Cynthia explained that making Riley and Priscilla co-trustees may not be the best course of action. “We often put corporate trustees in when there’s conflict within the family,” Cynthia explained further, “Because No. 1, the family’s had a tremendous loss and everybody’s grieving. Sometimes people grabbed for control, not because they’re controlling, but it’s some way of remaining close to the decedent. Maybe the petitioner thinks that way she can be closer to her granddaughter.”

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