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Apr 12, 2024

Cynthia Brittain Speaks to MarketWatch About the Need for an Attorney During Probate

Cynthia D. Brittain recently weighed in for a column in MarketWatch’s “The Moneyist” addressing a reader’s question about whether an attorney is needed during the probate period to transfer an inherited property into their name and the names of other beneficiaries.

Though the reader’s home state of Ohio doesn’t require that an attorney be hired for the probate process, Cindy strongly encourages seeking professional advice, noting that filing without an attorney could result in further problems. “Each jurisdiction is unique, and the tax implications are too significant to risk getting it wrong,” she tells MarketWatch. “A couple of hours of professional advice is well worth it in most cases.”

Read the full article in MarketWatch (subscription may be required):

‘We've had our ups and downs’: My late in-laws left their estate to me, my husband and our son. Do we need to hire an attorney?

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