Feb 2, 2023

Cynthia Brittain Speaks With Distractify About Priscilla Presley Contesting Lisa Marie Presley’s Will

Cynthia Brittain spoke to Distractify about Priscilla Presley contesting aspect of her recently deceased daughter Lisa Marie Presley’s will. Priscilla and her business manager, Barry Siegel, were removed as co-trustees of the will, leaving Lisa Marie’s children as the remaining trustees.

"A will can be contested for multiple reasons. Certain contests that we commonly see are (1) the will was changed due to some undue influence or duress; (2) the person lacked capacity to make the changes; (3) there was a technical issue with the execution of the will; or (4) some fraud exists related to the actual document," Cindy said when asked about contesting a will. She added, “There have been instances where a caregiver or some other person signed on behalf of the decedent when they had no authorization to do so. Often, forensic analysts have to be brought in to ascertain if the decedent was the person who actually executed the document.”

On the difficulty of contesting a will after someone’s death, Cindy explained, "The facts of the matter determine how hard it will be to challenge the validity of a will after someone’s death."

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