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Jun 12, 2024

Jennifer Campbell Speaks to Wealth Management About Financial Elder Abuse Lawsuit Against Robbie Robertson’s Widow

Jennifer Campbell recently spoke to Wealth Management about a lawsuit filed by the children of late musician Robbie Robertson of the Band accusing his widow, Jane Zuccarini, of fraud and financial elder abuse. The couple secretly wed just months before Robertson died in 2023. Following his death, Zuccarini inherited a residence purchased in both of their names, and allegedly bragged to his two daughters about changes made to his estate plan that would cover her living expenses at the Beverly Hills home from the children’s inheritance. His children claim that Robertson’s battle with cancer rendered him unable to make such decisions and that Zuccarini was well aware of his condition. 

When asked to describe what it would take for Robertson’s children to prevail in the lawsuit, Jennifer shares, “The burden of proof is carried by the plaintiff, and the level of certainty to which the plaintiff must prove the plaintiff’s case depends on the type of claims the plaintiff is making.” 

She continues, “For example, if the challenge to the decedent’s estate planning documents is based on a claim of the decedent’s incapacity, then the plaintiff must submit evidence to the court that demonstrates by a preponderance of the evidence that the decedent lacked the necessary capacity to sign the decedent’s estate planning documents.”

Read the full article in Wealth Management:

Robbie Robertson’s Children Accuse Widow of Financial Elder Abuse

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