We Will Be Landing Soon: A Multinational Survey of the Treatment of Income and Gains of Individuals Who Change Residence

Contributors: Shane M. Brown (Canada); Julia Novak and Laurent Gabaud
(France); Friedhelm Jacob (Germany); Jeremy Cohn (Israel); Eiichiro Nakatani
and Kohei Kajiwara (Japan); James T. O’Neal (Luxembourg); Santiago Chacon
and Alejandro Gordillo Rousse (Mexico); Jean Pierre Viergever (The Netherlands);
Daniel Bader and Ruth Bloch-Riemer (Switzerland); Diana Davidson,
Caroline Kirby, and Caroline Pearce (United Kingdom); Michael J. A. Karlin
(United States).

Article by Michael Karlin

  • Related organization(s): Journal of International Taxation
  • Citation(s):
  • Published in: Journal of International Taxation
  • Published on: March 1, 2017
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