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We provide charitable planning services to our individual clients, helping them to effect their philanthropic goals. We listen carefully and provide both technical tax compliance advice and pragmatic counsel learned from over 30 years of legal concentration on philanthropy.

We provide carefully tailored charitable tax planning services to manage the impact of a substantial liquidity event such as the sale of a business or highly appreciated real estate. We understand a desire to benefit both family and charity, and we advise our clients on the tools and approaches to make a meaningful impact and work together as a family to share their passion and vision and to supplement and strengthen family governance. We help our clients form their own private family foundations and avoid violating any of the myriad of IRS rules about how to run a foundation and what tax compliance rules must be observed.

Many of our clients want to further their foundation’s charitable mission by engaging in program related investing and mission related investing, including micro-loans and similar strategies, or directly carrying out charitable projects. We guide them in these activities.

We also form and counsel nonprofit public charities, advising on strategy and fundraising, providing board training and working closely with development staff to bring gifts to fruition.

We regularly work on international charitable matters involving U.S. nonprofits operating or fundraising abroad, the U.S. operations of foreign charities, and “American Friends of” organizations making grants outside the United States. Jane Peebles is an established expert in cross-border philanthropy.

We assist corporations with structuring and implementing corporate philanthropy programs.

We regularly advise on and document a broad array of charitable gifts including:

  • Outright gifts
  • Cash bequests
  • Real estate donations and bequests
  • Art donations
  • Collectibles donations
  • Donations from IRAs and retirement plans
  • Conservation easements
  • Part-gift, part-sale transactions
  • Charitable gift annuities
  • Charitable trusts of all sorts
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